Free Online Investigation Tools

There is a mass amount of data publicly available on the internet. While the information that you’re searching for might be out there, it can seem unsurmountable to find the metaphorical needle in the haystack. In order to help accelerate your online searches, Black Swan has provided access to the following tools free of charge.

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Twitter Location Search

Input latitude and longitude coordinates or double click a location on the map to find the twitter posts related to your location. Many Tweets will contain the GPS Location data. If you need to see what was happening in a particular area, this can be a great resource.
Google Maps

lat/lon: /

Twitter Analytics

This tool, powered by Social Bearing, will give you an overview of the statistics that can be gathered from a publicly available Twitter profile. It includes a basic sentiment meter, tweet frequency, tweet statistics, and what type of devices they are tweeting from.

Telephone Search

This tool, powered by PIPL, searches social media websites and public records to help identify the individual associated with the phone number.

Facebook by Phone Number

Facebook verifies accounts with a phone number. If the user allows, you can look up the account with their number.

Username Identity Search

This tool, powered by PIPL, searches social media websites and public records to help identify the individual associated with the username.

Username Search

User names are the online personas used by all websites requiring registration. Many people will use the same name across multiple services. This tool, powered by Namevine, checks various online platforms to see if the same username is being used.

Real Name Search

People often use their real names when constructing an online presence as a way to network and connect with other people. This tool, powered by PIPL works via aggregated data on the internet so people with an online social networking presence are much more likely to show up in this search.

Neighborhood Lookup by Address

When searching for more information on a given location, this search, powered by Rehold, will provide previous sales information, property details, neighborhood info, and nearby resident information. When you’re looking for people to interview about a given incident that occurred near their homes, you can now get a list of residents along with their addresses.

LinkedIN Shared Employees

This search will find people who list a given employer on their LinkedIn account. This can be useful if you want to find the co-workers of a person online.

IP Address Lookup

This search, powered by Shodan, will often give you a map of the potential location of a given IP address, it will also provide you with the Internet Service Provider who holds the assignment block which includes the particular IP address. You'll need this information if you're preparing a subpoena to find out who had an IP address at a given time.

Reverse Google Image Search

Find every public website hosting your picture. Just upload your photo and Google reverse image search will scour the internet to find every public facing website that hosts the picture or similar pictures.
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